About Us

Diamond Heart Healthcare Services, LLC, established 2017, is a privately owned and operated home healthcare agency located in Riverdale, GA. DHHCS offer various professional skilled nursing services and home health aid services including; skilled nursing services, short term care, companion care, personal care, medication reminders, and respite care. DHHCS service numerous regions and counties in Georgia. Our team is composed of professionals who are certified and/or licensed in their respective field. 

Our team is led by owner/founder, Shanay Frazier, BSN, RN. Shanay Frazier serves as Diamond Heart Healthcare’s Chief Clinical Officer, overseeing clinical practice, quality, clinical operations standards setting, clinical program development and implementation, clinical education and all facets of patient care, quality outcomes and clinician support across the organization. Mrs. Frazier has extensive expertise as a clinical manager and has superb bed side manners. 

What started out as a dream slowly but on time has come to fruition. It was during Mrs. Frazier’s second semester of college, while pursuing her Associates Degree of Nursing, at Sullivan County Community College, she made up her mind of what she wanted to achieve as her ultimate career goal. “A goal is nothing but a dream if you do not write it down”. With a pen and a piece of paper a dream shifted into a “GOAL”. A home healthcare agency alongside a CNA school. The home healthcare agency would be focused on catering to the needs of school age to elderly disabled patients and postoperative patients requiring professional nursing and companion services. After graduating with honors, Phi Theta Kappa she immediately began working as a floor nurse to develop and master her nursing skills. Working as a Professional Register Nurse for eight years, quality patient care became a personal mission of Mrs. Frazier. Armed with the belief that every individual under the care of a healthcare professional deserves the highest quality of care. Deciding to open a Certified Nursing Aide school where she can personally train and certify new nursing aides would move her one step closer to her vision of high quality personal care of those in need. Taking it one step further, her home healthcare agency would immediately employ those newly and highly qualified nursing aides. Hence, providing them with job security and providing her patients with the highest quality of personal care aides. DHHCS is looking forward to providing your family and loved one with the quality care your loved one deserves.